First year graduate programme attendee - Louise Roberts

With a degree in Architecture from the University of Nottingham, I knew I wanted to pursue a career in the construction industry. Initially I was unsure exactly which route to follow, so was attracted to Hanson’s graduate scheme as its rotational structure provides lots of opportunities to learn.

My first rotation was at a sand and gravel quarry in Doncaster and I also visited hard rock quarries in North Wales, the Lakes and the North York Moors to learn about hard rock quarrying. It was an opportunity to explore blasting, crushing and big yellow machines.

I have now moved on to Padeswood Cement Works in North Wales. To start with, moving from a site of six employees to one with 96 felt like a huge change. However, the larger site means I am experiencing a wide range of situations, all helping to develop a rounded understanding of the business in a relatively short period of time.

I am now shadowing colleagues to learn more about operational processes and completing e-learning modules to underpin the first-hand knowledge I’ve gained. Activities I have participated in range from helping to change screen mats and engine belts, to attending and contributing to external meetings. The training has also been excellent and really reflects Hanson’s commitment to its graduates’ development. As well as being enrolled in internal and external Health and Safety courses, the graduates also undertake a Certificate of Construction Materials at The University of Derby.  

For me, the highlight so far, has been getting involved with the complex processes of a cement works. I am also currently working on a project focussing on waste management, which allows me to make a positive contribution to the site where I am based and put into practice a lot of what I have been learning. 

Hanson’s graduate programme is not the type of scheme where you sit behind a desk. It demands a high level of commitment, but the rewards and skills gained are highly beneficial. My top tip is to get out and explore the sites as best you can – to maximise the learning opportunities.