Second year apprentice - Emily Burridge

Based at: The Ridge, Chipping Sodbury

In year two you take on much more responsibility, developing detailed knowledge of the department in which you have been placed. In my case, I am developing technical knowledge of concrete, with the help of lecturers at Derby University as well as my Hanson manager and mentor.

My job involves a range of projects that are both interesting and rewarding. Some are research- based, such as looking into new developments in concrete types or admixtures.  Others can be more practical, such as conducting trial mixes, where we produce a small amount of concrete in a laboratory environment, or trialling the use of new test methods to determine the properties of the concrete we produce.

I also help to run the concrete commercial testing service for the west region of the UK. This includes contacting customers and arranging for a technician to attend their site at an agreed time, signing and sending off documents such as certificates to show the strength of concrete cube samples and invoicing the customer using a programme called SAP.

Health and safety has been another area of focus in my role this year. This has included working on improving risk assessments and safe working practices for the tasks that members of the concrete technical team carry out on a daily basis.

In my time at Hanson I have gained a much greater appreciation of the mineral products industry and my knowledge has developed significantly in the second year. I have found that everyone is willing to help you as long as you have the courage to ask. The knowledge that employees who have been in the company for years have to share is fascinating. I am grateful for the opportunities and support I receive and am looking forward to a third year in the company.