Third year apprentice - Krishnan Patel

This year has primarily been about using the knowledge gained during years one and two and applying it across the managerial and operational tasks I am now involved in. Acting safely, effectively and efficiently has become second nature.

There isn’t really a set agenda for each day and my current role is very varied.

Sustainability is a key focus for Hanson and one of my responsibilities is managing the systems we use for reporting key sustainability measurements on site. 

I am also involved in the development of more sustainable asphalt mixes or RAP, (recycled asphalt product). My work here involves ensuring the technical department updates asphalt mix recipes in accordance with the relevant standards and specifications and researching the mechanical aspects of maximising the recycled asphalt content so that higher percentages can be reached.  

Other aspects of my role include; monitoring costs and producing monthly accounts as well as overseeing capital projects, ensuring they are completed on time and on budget.

Health and Safety is another key part of daily job and this involves safety conversations, improvements and near-hit reporting.

Self-development has always been a key part of the LEAD programme and I am committed to learning the site and controls and increasing my understanding of the site. Managing my LEAD assignments is still as important as ever and I value the time we have allocated at work to do this.